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Dental Specialties, L.A. Dentists Directory


To start your search for L.A. Dentists on the right foot, we’ve included some brief info about dental specialties.


Descriptions of Dental Specialties


  • L.A. General Dentists can help with most dental health issues.
  • L.A. Cosmetic Dentists specialize in making teeth beautiful.
  • L.A. Endodontists are experts in root canals.
  • L.A. Oral Pathologists treat conditions that affect the face and mouth.
  • L.A. Orthodontists are dentists who prescribe braces – ensure normal appearance, alignment and functioning of teeth.
  • L.A. Pediatric Dentists provide dental care to children.
  • L.A. Periodontists are gum health specialists.
  • L.A. Prosthodontists specialize in most forms of tooth replacement.